Together we can_

At this time during the Corona virus crisis, we have seen that many hospitals and organizations do not have enough medical equipment.

That is why our company’s team are trying to do everything possible !

Let's start

what we can offer ? ( At this time due covid-19)

We will provide full support with medical equipment such as face masks, gloves and bio hazard suit .

What masks types do we offer?

We will provide k95 – kn95 – isolation maks

Do we have enough in stock ?

Simply we can support your company with 35,000 pieces daily.

Do we have medical licenses for this??

We definitely have everything necessary to complete the mission legally.




We can deliver the required order within one week of confirming the purchase

Medical equipment is not exclusively for anyone. It is for all hospitals, vendors and stores

we can provide more than 1000,000 pcs

You can make an agreement with our company, which gives you the advantage of prices, installment payments, and other benefits

Or you can make random purchases

On this page you will find general information only, so please contact us via email or phone, and we will send a file containing all the information you need.

For more Info please contact us

you can call us right now | 540-682-0943  |  540-598-0533